Tips to Promote your Business this New Month

Tips to Promote your Business this New Month

It’s almost October, and we are looking forward to New month already! 

As a business owner, one of the things you might want to do is to promote your business this October; before the year runs to an end.

During the end of the year, one of the things that is common is seeing businesses appreciating their customers more, promoting their business, and even giving discounts and sales on their products or services.

And so, here are some practical ways you can promote your business this October:


you can make beautiful and functional souvenirs for your customers, and this will in turn promote your business the more. On TescomNG. you can get souvenirs like diaries, towels, desk clocks, travel mugs, umbrellas, etc., customized and designed for you at an affordable price.


 carrier bags are one of the unique and cheap ways to get people know your brand, as well as recall your brand whenever they come in they come in contact with the carrier bags. You can make the carrier bags in different sizes; the goal here is to make your brand visible wherever the bags are seen. This will also benefit your customers, as the bags will be useful to them. On TescomNG, you can get carriers bag designed and customized for you.


you can also create calendars for 2021; this is another way to promote your business. With calendars, your business/company gets to be seen all around the year, because once the calendar is hung, people can read about your business on it whenever they check the calendar. You can also get calendars customized for you on TescomNG


Another way to easily promote your business this time is by making stickers for your customers. Stickers also give your business awareness whenever the stickers are seen; either on cars, doors, and so on. Another thing to do is to give out the stickers in conjunction with other things like Calendars. You can get stickers designed and customized for you at TescomNG


You also need to ask yourself if it’s time to revamp your logo, now that the end is rounding up. This is for those who have been considering a logo redesign. You can also get a good and functional logo designed for you on TescomNG. 


also, you can design and print flyers that would communicate the things you do in your company. The flyers can be distributed to your customers as well as prospective customers. You can get flyers designed and printed on TescomNG as well.


A poster is another way of enforcing an idea or concept. When posters are designed effectively, placed correctly, and in the right place, they get a huge amount of attention. Also, on TescomNG you can order your posters.


In addition, you can create a challenge or competition on social media and give gifts to the winners. These gifts can be customized with your company’s logo. You can get your branded gifts on TescomNG as well.


You can also host an end of the year event for your customers, in order to appreciate their patronage. At the event you can use customized decorations to decorate, give out customized souvenirs, and so on. The good thing is that you can get most of these delivered to your doorsteps within 48 hours, when you order online at TescomNG. 

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